Cold calling one more time. From @jeremyjacobs


Thoughts from @jeremyjacobs. London UK.

For the second time in a few days, I received an unprofessional telephone cold call. The caller, who was a rather meek sounding young woman, represented The Daily Telegraph and was offering a cut-price deal for the next few months. Her opening question was, in my opinion, wrong. She said, “Is that Mr. Jacobs”? to which I could have replied in a negative or abrupt manner. I had no idea what she wanted, who she represented and what her call was about. A good minute was wasted before I established the purpose of her interruption at 7.45pm on a weekday evening.

You see, not only have you got to sound professional but you must open correctly. Cold-calling requires you to be very clear about the purpose of your call. So my cold-calling tip is this – the young lady concerned should have opened with “Mr Jacobs please” in a confident manner. I almost certainly would have responded with “Yes, what’s it about”? then the path would have been open for her to deliver her message or product proposition.


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